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    If you could snap your fingers and make a wish to improve the IT services you currently use, what would your wish be?

      Helping our clients Thrive with Technology.

      We have served Manitoba, and beyond for 3 decades in several capacities. Now with offices in Winkler, Portage La Prairie, and Winnipeg we are equipped and well within reach to serve our growing client base better than ever.  Solutions Information Technology supports many different businesses in many different capacities

      Leaning on our decades of experience and knowledge from working in the IT industry, we have identified the needs of our clients and use the industries best practices to provide you with the highest value services.

      Through our Full Managed Services (FMS) we proactively maintain your infrastructure and keep you running at all times. Save time and money by preventing outages before they happen. Add our resources to yours to ensure the best IT infrastructure and services available.

      With our team of experts, we can assist you in projects to build your infrastructure, host your services, support your users, manage your projects, deploy your VOIP and give you fully qualified consultation.   We can completely take over full responsibility for all aspects of your IT, or supplement your existing staff or arrangements on an hourly or piecework basis.   Either way, it’s important to us that you can do business the way you need to, by focussing on what you do well, with us ensuring that your use of technology is not one of your concerns, and is fully benefiting your business.

      Whether you operate in the private or public sector, SolutionsIT is able to serve you and meet your IT needs even as your organization continues to grow. SolutionsIT is small business friendly and enterprise ready.

      We speak in your terms and make a very complex task as simple for you as possible. Contact us today to learn more about how we can add to your success, with Solutions Information Technology.   We are all about you.

      IT Planning

      We keep you looking forward - staying proactive with trends and growth. Plan the future of your IT infrastructure as your organization grows and as technology evolves.

      IT Consulting

      Get access to expertise when you need it and as it applies to your organization.

      IT Budgeting

      Proper planning requires proper budgeting. We will join your planning team and keep surprises to a minimum while maximizing your value on your IT dollar.

      Policy Management

      Keep yourself productive and protected by having us review and address the policies that apply to your technology.

      IT Project Management

      As you implement changes and additions to your infrastructure, use our expertise to make your projects go smoothly.

      Asset Management

      Know what you’ve got; stay on top of replacement cycles.

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